Traffic Safety Signs

Signs conveying information, an instruction, or a warning to drivers. 

Industrial Safety Signs

Information or instruction about health and safety. 

Advertising Signs

Signs for displaying commercially or publicly. 

Industrial Safety Products

Safety equipment for protection when working with dangerous hazards. 

Road Surface Marking

Road markings to warn, guide, and inform drivers. 

Street Lighting

Light poles raise the source of light on the edge of a road or path for visibility. 

Guard Rails

A rail at the edge of a road to prevent cars from falling off a cliff or a steep surface. 

Traffic Signal System

A safety traffic system that guides vehicles through an intersection or a similar condition. 

Road Curb

A raised edge of a road, between the sidewalk and the road.



We're Central Sign, and we've been providing comprehensive road safety services and products here in Laos since 1997. We believe in sourcing excellent quality products and materials, honing our craftsmanship in the manufacturing process, and providing our customers with high-grade products and satisfaction at a fair price. We specialise in working directly with foreign suppliers to ensure the best quality and service. We are incredibly passionate and optimistic about this industry and its potential to improve Laos' infrastructure and business through innovation. We initiated this business with the goal of ameliorating road safety and simultaneously enhance the calibre of our support as a growing company.

We're looking forward to future improvement projects, and partnering with foreign companies to expand our potential in this industry. I'd personally like to invite you to get in contact with us if there are any inquiries. 




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